The company


WSC is a job board focused on recreational diving activities.

We are specialised in connecting professional divers with dive centers.

We provide our partners with an effective recruitment service.


From the very outset, our goal has always been to use efficient technological tools in order to facilitate recruitment processes.

For this reason, we created an expandable database containing all the résumés of our professional divers. 

We combine this with a multi-criteria search engine, a customisable dashboard and a missions system. 

This powerful combination provides our partners with a very effective, ergonomic and user-friendly tool.


Julien Dinin
Julien DININChief Executive Officer
35 years old

WSC Chief Executive Officer, I administrate the company in a general manner.

I provide main guidances to my associates and employees.

I personally handle legal, fiscal and accounting process.

Mathieu Chevreste
Mathieu CHEVRESTEGeneral Manager
36 years old

WSC General Manager, I assist our CEO in order to administrate and develop the company.

I personally manage all partnerships with tour operators, sport centers and hotel companies.

Arnaud Scolan
Arnaud SCOLANChief Operative Officer
29 years old

WSC Chief Operating Officer, I  run daily operations.

I manage and develop our network. I coordinate our teams.