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Water Sports Consulting

Who are we?

WSC brings sports instructors and tour operators together.
We specialise in scuba diving, but also work with other water sports and general water-based activities.
The heart of our business consists of matching the instructors in our database with various tourism organisations throughout the world.
We facilitate and improve sports staff recruitment on behalf of our partners (hotels and sports clubs).

Who are you?

  • You are a diving instructor, or are in regular contact with instructors and other professionals working in recreational water-based activities.
  • You have contacts in the world of recreational sports and, in particular, scuba diving.
  • You want to develop and enhance this network.
  • You have good interpersonal skills.
  • You are looking for work and additional income.
  • Join us and become a WSC Consulting Agent!

Your job and your missions

WSC agents are freelance, professional members of the WSC network.

They represent the company with regard to:

  • Professional athletes whom they recruit and for whom they are then responsible.
  • Tourism operators and other partner recreational sports organisations.

WSC Agents are responsible for:

  • Recruiting new WSC Consulting Agents in order to build their own sub-network of agents and other business partners.
  • Recruiting new instructors and bringing them into the WSC database in order to help build and develop their professional portfolio.
  • Helping professionals develop their portfolio and create their accounts and professional e-CVs in the WSC database. They also help them use the WSC tools such as calendars, dashboards, assignment system, etc.
  • Helping us find employment opportunities with tourism operators and other partner recreational sports organisations. For this purpose, they meet and connect with operators interested in the profiles in their portfolio and search websites and other media where they can find jobs that match the profiles in their portfolio. They oversee the recruitment process until contracts between the job-seekers and operators have been signed.
  • Helping us introduce WSC to new recreational sports operators located in their assigned regions and asking them to sign our partnership agreement. They then help the operators to use the WSC tools including the database, search engine, dashboard, assignment system, etc.


Generally speaking, they have a dual role:

  • They act as sports agents for the instructors in their portfolio. They find professional opportunities for our professional athletes, negotiate contracts in their best interest, monitor them, and, in general, help them to manage their careers.
  • They act as liaison agents with regard to the HR departments of tourism and sports operators and help them to improve their recruitment process. They find the profiles most suited to the needs within their portfolio and/or those of their colleagues.

Contract and compensation

Our Agents sign a freelance-based, business finder/provider contract and are paid by commission. The commissions are added up at the end of each month and paid into the agent's PayPal account at the beginning of the next month.

They receive commissions:

  • When they enter a new professional in the WSC database and their "pro" record is validated by the administrators.
  • When they enter a new sports operator into the partner network.
  • When an athlete in their portfolio signs a work contract.
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